Boat Rental

Boat Rental

Dear Guest,

Welcome to the Waterfront Wonderland!

With this advertising slogan the brothers Rosen wooed at the end of the fifties. Their goal was to find residents for the man-made city.

Since then a lot has changed in Cape Coral but one thing has stayed the same. The Waterfront Wonderland.

Unique in the world to this day is the huge network of waterways, which allows holidaymakers to build their own boat on their own home. In Florida, you do not need a driver’s license to drive a boat.
Everyone can rent a boat of any engine and length and drive through the canals of Cape Coral on the Gulf of Mexico. Within a few minutes you can reach the sea and the beaches from your holiday home. Dolphins crossing or even swimming along the way are guaranteed, as are lonely beaches where you can dock your boat and picnic.

Again, Florida does not allow regulation. Beaches in the area are open to the public. While the motorist has to deal with the congestion for a long time in traffic and in the main season, finally has to search for a parking space to end up on the crowded beach, boaters can choose the loneliest beach section and anchor there.


The offered boats can be driven on the beach or anchored so that you can go onboard in knee-deep water.

Explore the beautiful harbors of the area, wonderful restaurants with water parks or simply untouched islands that can only be reached by boat. The experiences on the water and the view of this region is a completely different one from the water.

Many inexperienced boaters are afraid of not being able to boat. That’s pretty unfounded. You will receive a briefing in your own language when you book the boat. The boat will not only be handed over, but the person responsible for the boat will drive out together with you and then give you the wheel.

Only when you feel safe, the handover is completed.

The experience shows that the fear is unfounded. Equipped with GPS (works like a car navigation system) and other aids, so far, every tenant has managed to spend a nice time on the water.
Therefor, our recommendation is to rent a boat.

You will get to know Cape Coral and the surrounding area from a completely new side.

Sea Ray Sundeck 21
Sporty Bowrider. An easy boat for everyone to sail.
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Scarab 195 HO Jet Boat
The real deal, a Scarab Jet boat with no propellor
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Hurricane Sundeck 25
Nice family boat, check out our beautiful beaches
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Chaparral Sunesta 244
Real nice boat for up to 14 people.
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